October 23, 2018

Moving Past Pain and Healing Your Life

Many of us have walked through trauma or pain. While I believe you do need to feel your feelings and face the difficult things in life I also believe that suffering doesn't serve you. I used to constantly bring up painful things from my past and make myself feel bad about them. I had this weird belief that feeling my feelings and living through the pain would help me heal. I was stuck in a cycle of feeling like crap and bringing up the crappy times in my life over and over again. It made it difficult to have the energy to do the things I needed to do to start feeling better. Seeing friends, exercising and eating healthy are key parts of my mental health management but it's difficult to get those things done if I'm feeling like crap from recalling memories from the past. I wanted to share with you the mindset and intention setting exercises I used to move out of the cycle of suffering and into emotional healing.


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